TOP STORIES: A Jackie Chan Theme Park; Piracy Concerns; 'My Lucky Star' Concern on September 19, 2013

My Lucky Star reviewed by the L.A. Times. [L.A. Times]

Jackie Chan is planning his own theme park in Beijing. [The Hollywood Reporter]


Chinese film and music industries on alarm over piracy. [The China Post]

CHINA: 'Smurfs 2' Takes the Weekend with $9.9M Debut; 'Elysium' Breaks $20M on September 18, 2013


smurfs2still.jpgA $9.9 million opening weekend for The Smurfs 2 was enough to edge out a strong hold from Elysium as the animated sequel claimed the top spot at the Chinese box office. Elysium brought in $8.3 million over its first full week in release, taking its overall total to $20.4 million. It's a promising start for Sony's late-summer sci-fi effort, as the film has already grossed a total of $144.1 million overseas. Sci-fi has posted good numbers in China this year, with films like Oblivion, Star Trek Into Darkness, After Earth, and Pacific Rim all enjoying positive results from the market.


The domestic film Silent Witness took third place with a $6.7 million three-day total. The film's strong cast was unable to net a better result for the legal thriller. The Great Gatsby reached a $12.3 million total in its third frame and Jurassic Park 3D finished the weekend with a $55.8 million cume. Jurassic Park 3D has grossed over $10 million more in China than in its North American run. 


Top 10 Films in China. Week Culminating on September 16, 2013



TOP STORIES: China Looks for International Expansion at TIFF; Animated Films Seek Better Box Office Business; Huayi Bros. Under the Microscope on September 16, 2013

China's presence at TIFF looks to increase the expansion of domestic films overseas. [Xinhua]


Animated Chinese films look for better box office fortune at the domestic box office. [Xinhua]


Huayi Borthers probed for disclosure by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. [Global Times]


'Jurassic Park 3D' Continues its Monster Run in China on September 16, 2013

Jurassic Park 3D reached a $53.8 million in China over the weekend. The film is Universal's second biggest performer in the market, trailing Fast 6 for the all-time honor. JP3D is director Steven Spielberg's biggest hit in the market.

China has proved to be a friendly home for the re-formatted re-release of the modern classic. The market is responsible for 75% of the film's overseas total and 46% of its worldwide gross. The film has grossed more money in China than in its theatrical run in North America earlier this year.

TOP STORIES: China's Entertainment Boom Opens Doors Abroad on September 12, 2013

The China entertainment boom is helping Thailand. [The Hollywood Reporter]

IMAX CEO Richard Gelfond forecasts a $1 billion Chinese box office in the coming years. [Bloomberg]


Huayi will move into the exhibition space [China Daily]


U.S.-China Film and TV Expo coming to L.A. in 2014. [The Hollywood Reporter]

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