WASHINGTON - The office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) today released its annual Special 301 report, which evaluates the state of intellectual property rights protection worldwide. The report highlights the ongoing challenge that online content theft poses to the continued growth of American creative industries.

While this report reminds us of the challenges the U.S. creative industries confront in overseas markets, it is notable that Spain, which was removed from the 301 list this year, as well as some other countries, are taking steps to protect and promote their creative industries.

Senator Chris Dodd, Chairman and CEO of the Motion Picture Association of America, Inc. (MPAA), commended the USTR for documenting the content theft and market access barriers that negatively impact American creative industries' ability to compete in the global marketplace:

"This report highlights content theft and barriers in foreign markets that pose threats to the continued growth of U.S. creative industries and the U.S. economy. Strong copyright protection and enforcement are vital to our industry's ability to create U.S. jobs, grow our own economy, and expand U.S. exports. We thank Ambassador Ron Kirk, the USTR and their colleagues across the interagency team who work tirelessly to enhance the protection of U.S. intellectual property rights overseas."

A copy of USTR's Special 301 Report can be found here.


International Box Office: 'The Avengers' Dominates on April 29, 2012

avengersreview.pngMarvel's The Avengers: $178.4 million international cume from 39 territories representing 70% of the international marketplace.

Battleship: $22.5 million from 9,604 locations in 50 territories. International cume = $170 million.

Titanic 3D: $18.5 million from 5,724 locations in 70 markets. International cume = $260.9 million.

American Reunion: $14.5 million from 3,426 locations in 41 territories. International cume = $75.2 million.

The Hunger Games: $7.4 million. International cume - $228.5 million

Wrath of the Titans: $3.2 million from nearly 3,300 locations in 62 markets. International cume = $209.1 million.

Safe: $2.4 million from 578 locations in Russia. International cume = $2.4 million.

Dr. Seuss' The Lorax: $2.1 million from 2,924 locations in 52 territories. International cume = $87.7 million.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel: $2 million from 1,197 locations in 21 territories. International cume = $69.9 million.


'The Avengers' Builds Momentum On on April 26, 2012


Official data released by

• MARVEL'S THE AVENGERS is pre-selling more tickets for the upcoming release than the online ticketing company sold for CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER, THOR, IRON MAN 2, and IRON MAN combined at the same point in the sales cycle for each film. In fact, pre-sales of MARVEL'S THE AVENGERS is over one and a half times that of these past Marvel films combined sales at the same point in the sales cycle.
• MARVEL'S THE AVENGERS is selling 3,995% more tickets than CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER at the same point in the sales cycle.
• MARVEL'S THE AVENGERS is selling 1,034% more tickets than THOR at the same point in the sales cycle.
• MARVEL'S THE AVENGERS is selling 114% more tickets than IRON MAN 2 at the same point in the sales cycle.
• MARVEL'S THE AVENGERS is selling 1,406% more tickets than IRON MAN at the same point in the sales cycle.
• 56% of pre-sales for MARVEL'S THE AVENGERS are from fans wanting to see the film in 3D.
• Nearly 37% of pre-sales for MARVEL'S THE AVENGERS are from moviegoers buying tickets to see the film in IMAX 3D.

Live From CinemaCon 2012: Martin Scorsese and Ang Lee Talk 3D on April 25, 2012

caesarspalace.pngMartin Scorsese and Ang Lee sat down with THR's Todd McCarthy in the Octavius Ballroom of Caesars Palace to discuss the state of cinema in front of a lunch crowd at CinemaCon today.

Quotes from Scorsese:

On the filmmaking process: "It takes you about a half hour into a film to realize that you're crazy."

On how he approached technology while making Hugo: "I said, 'Let's push it and see what happens."

On friends complaining about 3D: "Some of the my friends complained to me about not being able to see depth. I said, 'Go see it in 2D. What do you want from me?"

On how 3D might have changed his previous films: "I would practically done everything after Raging Bull in 3D."

On light levels in theaters: "We all have to work together on this. Please show the films in the best possible light."

Quotes from Lee:

(note: Lee's next film, The Life of Pi, will be his first 3D release)

On adapting to 3D: "The learning curve is humongous. The biggest learning curve is that sometimes I forgot it was 3D. We are used to shooting in 2D. Our training in lighting and creating depth is in 2D.

On how other filmmakers will approach 3D: "Future filmmakers will learn it in school."

On light levels in theaters: [to exhibitors] "We really need your support."

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