SOUTH KOREA: 'After Earth' Flops in its First Overseas Territory on June 06, 2013

AE-2.jpgFollowing a scandalous third place opening weekend at the North American box office, Sony began looking overseas for potential signs of life in M. Night Shyamalan's troubled After Earth. Judging by South Korea, early results are looking dismal. After Earth opened day-and-date in South Korea and turned up with a similarly poor debut, reaching a paltry $2.5 million cume ($2.1M weekend) for third place. After Earth went head-to-head with the South Korea premiere of Star Trek Into Darkness and lost handedly, as the latest installment in the Star Trek franchise reached a $4.9 million cume ($3.7M weekend) in its first week. Fast & Furious 6 outgrossed After Earth over the weekend, posting a $2.2 million gross to see its total reach $9.5 million. After Earth will expand overseas throughout the month of June. Sony will be keeping a close eye on the film's fortunes -hoping the performance in South Korea and North America is, at best, an anomaly. At worst, we could be seeing the initial signs of the summer's first global fiasco at the box office.

Box Office Results for South Korea. May 31-June 2, 2013.


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'Man Of Steel' Outpacing Other Summer 2013 Blockbusters On Fandango on June 05, 2013


Fandango tells BoxOffice that Man of Steel is outpacing all other Summer 2013 releases at the same point in the release cycle. That could be VERY good news for the Warner Bros. release.

The superhero flick is today's top selling film on Fandango, putting it ahead of Friday's new releases: The Purge and The Internship.

BoxOffice is currently forecasting a $112 million opening for Man of Steel, but that could change by next week. Even $112 million would be a huge success for a series reboot. Fans tend to approach new versions of familiar stories with some caution. For instance, it's very import to remember that Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins opened to a modest $48.7 million in 2005. Of course, glowing word of mouth quickly spread and it helped launch the property to new heights. 



SPAIN: 'Hangover 3' Opens #1; Can 'Fast 6' Outgross 'Iron Man 3'? on June 05, 2013

HangOver3-2.jpgThe Hangover Part III edged out Fast & Furious 6 to top the box office in Spain last weekend. The two films combined to outgross the cumulative earnings of all other films in the top ten. The race between the comedy and the action caper shows more distance, however, when taking into account the films' per-screen averages. The Hangover Part III premiered with a $2.6 million weekend and $6,379 average across 397 screens. Fast & Furious 6 posted a strong $2.1 million weekend in its sophomore frame, reaching an $8.7 million cume. The latest Fast sequel edged out the comedy with 531 screens, but was only able to earn an average of $4,042 despite its wider release. Fast & Furious 6 has an outside shot at outgrossing Iron Man 3 in Spain; the superhero sequel has grossed $12.4 million after six weeks. If Fast & Furious 6 can keep its momentum, it could potentially become the biggest hit of the year at the Spanish box office. 

Box Office Results for Spain. May 31 - June 2, 2013.


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MEXICO: 'Fast 6' Trounces the Competition in its Second Week; 'Gatsby' Opens with $1.8M on June 05, 2013

Fast6.jpgFast & Furious 6 continued to dominate the Mexican box office in its second weekend, grossing $7.5 million to reach an impressive $25.9 million cume. The action film trounced the competition, placing well above the debut of The Great Gatsby and animated films Epic and Zambezia.

A $1.8 million opening for The Great Gatsby in 746 screens saw the Baz Luhrman adaptation place second over the weekend. It's a solid performance in tune with Gatsby's steady overseas box office performance. Epic placed in third with a $1.3 million take, only a 28% slide from the previous week. Epic is not reaching the same blockbuster numbers that The Croods claimed in Mexico, with the new animated film currently claiming an $8.4 million cume. A limited release for Zambezia saw the film place fourth but post a $2,323 per-screen average -comparable to Gatsby's weekend share. Domestic comedy Nosotros Los Nobles broke another milestone over the weekend, reaching the $26 million mark after its tenth week in release.

Box Office Results for Mexico. May 31- June 2, 2013.


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GERMANY: Record-Breaking 'Hangover 3' Posts the Biggest Opening Weekend of 2013 on June 04, 2013

HangOver3-5.jpgThe Hangover Part III had a record-breaking weekend in Germany, where it grossed $14.9 million ($13.2M weekend) in its opening run. The comedy scored the biggest opening weekend of the year and holds the record for the highest-grossing debut of a U.S. comedy in the country. The final part of the Hangover trilogy posted an opening weekend 294% ahead of the numbers from the original, 28% above of the sequel, a 17% improvement over the Fast & Furious 6 premiere, and edged out the Iron Man 3 debut by 5%.

Fast & Furious 6 placed second with a $6.3 million weekend that set it above the $20 million mark in Germany, reaching a $22 million cume in two weeks. The Great Gatsby held remarkably in its third week, slipping only 7% for a $2.2 million weekend and $11.6 million cume. Epic saw a boost in admissions as compared to the previous week, increasing its gross by 17% for a $2.2 million weekend and an $8.5 million total. Star Trek Into Darkness also held up well in its fourth week, dropping 17% for a $1.5 million weekend and an $18.4 million cume.

Box Office Results for Germany. May 31- June 2, 2013.


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