image.jpgDivergent took a welcome $23.2 million boost from about 5,180 screens across 62 overseas markets to raise its total outside of North America to $50.3 million.

The Young Adult adaptation took a $3.4 million debut from 558 screens in France and finished the weekend as the top film in Russia with a $3.2 million bow from 893 screens, a 243% increase over Twilight's Russian premiere. Australia was another top performer with a $3.1 million opening from 342 screens.

Divergent took a $1.8 million debut from 517 screens in Germany and posted strong second frame holds in the UK ($1.7M Weekend / $6.8M Cume) and Mexico ($1.4M Weekend / $5M Cume). Divergent opened with a limited release in India on Friday and placed #3 for the weekend, according to a communication from distributor Universal. The weekend estimate for the Young Adult adaptation is $165k at 106 dates. The film expands to South Korea and Brazil next weekend with major territories like Spain, Sweden, China, and Japan remaining in the schedule. Divergent has grossed a total of $175.1 million globally.

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By Daniel Garris

Captain America: The Winter Soldier rounded out its first week of release with a first place take of $4.58 million on Thursday. The blockbuster 3D superhero sequel from Disney and Marvel was down 5 percent from Wednesday. It should be noted that hold actually represented one of the day's better daily percentage holds among wide releases, as most films experienced noteworthy percentage decreases on Thursday. Captain America: The Winter Soldier was easily the week's top film with a strong seven-day start of $117.61 million. That was in line with the film's lofty expectations and was 8 percent stronger than the $108.51 million seven-day start of last year's Thor: The Dark World. It is widely expected that Captain America: The Winter Soldier will find itself in a close race with Fox's Rio 2 for first place this weekend.

Paramount's Noah grossed $1.03 million to remain in second. The Darren Aronofsky directed biblical epic starring Russell Crowe was down 7 percent from Wednesday and down a sharp 55 percent from last Thursday. Noah placed in a distant second for the week with $22.08 million. That was down a discouraging 60 percent from the film's opening week performance and brings the film's 14-day total to $77.42 million. Noah is currently running 9 percent behind the recent $85.09 million 14-day take of 300: Rise of an Empire.

Lionsgate's Divergent held steady in third place with $0.776 million. The successful young adult adaptation starring Shailene Woodley was up 1 percent over Wednesday and down 48 percent from last Thursday. Divergent placed in third for the week with $16.35 million. That was down 49 percent from the previous frame and brings the film's three-week total to $117.38 million. Today it was announced that the Divergent series will consist of four films instead of three, as Allegiant will now be split into two films: Allegiant - Part 1, which will be released on March 18, 2016 and Allegiant - Part 2, which will be released on March 24, 2017.

God's Not Dead took in $0.639 million to continue to claim fourth place. The break-out faith-based drama from Freestyle and Pure Flix was down 7 percent from Wednesday and down a healthy 18 percent from last Thursday. God's Not Dead placed in fourth for the week with $10.56 million. That was down just 11 percent from the previous week and brings the 21-day total for the film to a much stronger than expected $35.36 million.

Fox Searchlight's The Grand Budapest Hotel rounded out the day's unchanged top five with $0.508 million. The critically acclaimed Wes Anderson directed film decreased just 4 percent from Wednesday and was down 27 percent from last Thursday. The Grand Budapest Hotel finished in fifth for the week with $8.34 million and has now grossed $35.42 million through 35 days of release.

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cinerama.pngSpecial effects legend Douglas Trumbull presents premiere of UFOTOG at Cinerama, along with dozens of science fiction classics and attendance of celebrity guests

SEATTLE, April 10, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Paul G. Allen's iconic Seattle Cinerama Theater announces its second annual Science Fiction Festival, running from May 1-12, with 12 days of special programming. The festival will be highlighted by the world premiere of Douglas Trumbull's short film, UFOTOG, along with screening of over three dozen of the genre's most beloved movies and celebrity appearances by Jonathan Frakes, Tom Skerritt, and Sam J. Jones.

The Festival's banner event is Douglas Trumbull's forward-looking film, UFOTOG. The 12-minute science fiction adventure was written and directed by Trumbull and demonstrates his new technical process, MAGI - a new cinematic language that invites the audience to experience a powerful immersion in the story that is not possible using conventional film standards. Christie Digital will provide a special digital projector to premiere the footage, which was captured in 4k 3D at 120 frames per second.

Trumbull is legendary for his ground-breaking visual effects work on films such as 2001: A Space Odyssey, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and Blade Runner, as well as his directorial achievements on Silent Running and Brainstorm.

Special screenings feature audience Q&As with celebrities Jonathan Frakes (actor/director, Star Trek: First Contact), Emmy award-winning actor Tom Skerritt (celebrating the 35th anniversary of Alien), Sam J. Jones (actor, Flash Gordon) and Douglas Trumbull (Oscar award-winning visual effects director).

Seattle Cinerama is one of the few theaters in the nation that can still run all film formats (35mm, 70mm, DCP and Cinerama). The diverse line-up of festival films includes 2001: A Space Odyssey and War Of The Worlds (both refreshed and reprinted in 2012 courtesy of Paul G. Allen); classics (Forbidden Planet, When Worlds Collide); cult favorites (Dune, A Clockwork Orange, Brazil); the iconic (Alien, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Close Encounters of the Third Kind); the rare (Logan's Run, Akira), and over 30 other titles.

Cinerama Operator Greg Wood said, "This festival represents what is so special about Seattle Cinerama: we can bring 800 people together to honor classic films in a grand movie palace while also demonstrating the future of cinema with Douglas Trumbull's world premiere of new technology."

Tickets and the full schedule are now available on the Cinerama website at

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ca2.pngDisney reports that Captain America: The Winter Soldier added $4.81 million to its strong early haul on Wednesday, giving the Marvel sequel a $113.03 million total through 6 days of release. That puts Soldier about 8 percent ahead of Thor: The Dark World's pace through the same point.

Paramount's Noah earned $1.1 million yesterday, down 33 percent from Tuesday and 58 percent week-to-week. Darren Aronofsky's controversial Biblical adaptation has grossed $76.4 million domestically in 13 days, 7 percent ahead of the pace of 2011's Robin Hood.

Divergent dropped 25 percent from Tuesday and 51 percent from last Wednesday to $0.77 million yesterday. The young adult adaptation's domestic cume stands at $116.6 million.

God's Not Dead grabbed $0.69 million on Wednesday for a week-to-week decline of just 11 percent and a day-to-day drop of 16 percent. The sleeper hit has banked $34.7 million domestically thus far.

Rounding out the top five on Wednesday, Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel tallied $0.53 million--off 25 percent from last Wednesday and 22 percent from Tuesday. Hotel's domestic earnings now total $34.9 million.

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