tf4.pngLOS ANGELES - June 25, 2014 - According to Fandango, the nation's leading moviegoer destination, "Transformers: Age of Extinction," has scored 95 out of 100 points on the company's Fanticipation movie buzz indicator, the year's highest score to date. Michael Bay's latest sci-fi action adventure is outselling all previous "Transformers" movies at the same point in the Fandango sales cycle, and is pacing similarly to "Captain America: The Winter Soldier," "Godzilla" and "X-Men: Days of Future Past."

Currently, the film represents 96% of Fandango's weekend ticket sales and is poised for the year's top opening at the box office to date.

According to a survey of more than 1,000 "Transformers" ticket-buyers on Fandango:
92% have seen previous "Transformers" movies on the big screen;

83% are fans of director Michael Bay;

76% say the addition of Mark Wahlberg increased their interest in the movie;

75% claim the Dinobots made them more excited to see it;

66% picked Grimlock as the Dinobot they most wanted to see;

54% picked Optimus Prime as their favorite Autobot, while 41% picked Bumblebee.

On Fandango's weekly movie recommendation show, "Weekend Ticket," guest host Tiffany Smith catches up with "Transformers" star Mark Wahlberg. "It came with a great script, but Michael Bay encouraged me to come up with stuff during the rehearsal process," recalls Wahlberg. "He said, what would you say here, what would you say there, and the digs and insults flowed pretty naturally from me!" The full episode can be found at

Fandango has launched an inside peek at what makes a giant robot tick in "The Anatomy of a Transformer." Kansas City-based graphic artist Rachel Ignotofsky deconstructs the Autobot design for Fandango - revealing all the details from its intergalactic helmet to its fuzzy dice at

About Fandango's Fanticipation
Known for having its finger on the pulse of moviegoers, Fandango's movie buzz indicator, Fanticipation, provides statistical insight into the movies fans are planning to see in a given weekend. Fanticipation scores (based on a 1 to 100-point scale) are calculated via an algorithm of Fandango's advance ticket sales, website and mobile traffic, and social media engagement. Fanticipation is not intended as a forecast of the weekend box office; it is a snapshot of movie fan sentiment.


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By Alex Edghill

Wednesday Morning Update: Transformers: Age Of Extinction finished Tuesday with 37,577 tweets, up 32% from Monday's 28,545 tweets. By comparison, Transformers: Dark Of The Moon had just 8,730 tweets three days before its release (which was a Sunday). It also stacks up well to other recent blockbusters (Amazing Spider-Man 2 - 24,259, X-Men: Days OF Future Past - 30,575, and Godzilla - 34,782). In fact, it is tracking ahead of all $90 million+ openers this year except for Captain America: The Winter Soldier (55,561 tweets) and the latter opened in way more territories long before its US release which gave it a hefty social media boost. My money is on this being the biggest opener on the year thus far given these signs. 

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles again ended up with just over 22,000 tweets on the day thanks to its viral campaign. Strong returns for their efforts in my books and while it might not have been on par with a few others in the past (Paranormal comes to mind) it was still good at stirring up interest for the second trailer. Word to the execs (yea they all read my column I'm 'sure' *eyeroll*), perhaps next time try centering the campaign around an element not as integral as a trailer, maybe to unlock original video not linked to the movie but that adds to the anticipation. Inception comes to mind when they released the comic before which was a precursor. Reason is that trailers are going to get a lot of hoopla anyway, yes this one got more than if there had been no campaign but if you tie it to a non-traditional pre-release elements (i.e not a trailer, poster or film clip) then its extra bang for your buck. My two cents about it at any rate.

Top 15 Movies for Tuesday June 24th

Rk Film Mon Tue Week Mon-Tue %
1 (+3) 22 Jump Street 36,320 240,010 276,330 560.82%
2 (-1) The Fault in Our Stars 63,295 60,185 123,480 -4.91%
3 (+2) Transformers: Age of Extinction 28,545 37,577 66,122 31.64%
4 (-1) Maleficent 39,532 27,344 66,876 -30.83%
5 (+1) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) 22,016 22,240 44,256 1.02%
6 (-4) Think Like a Man Too 41,370 22,100 63,470 -46.58%
7 (-) The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 19,532 19,261 38,793 -1.39%
8 (-) How to Train Your Dragon 2 11,470 8,654 20,124 -24.55%
9 (+2) If I Stay 6,184 6,814 12,998 10.19%
10 (+2) Edge of Tomorrow 5,285 4,364 9,649 -17.43%
11 (-1) Humshakals 8,118 4,287 12,405 -47.19%
12 (+1) X-Men: Days of Future Past 5,223 4,088 9,311 -21.73%
13 (+1) The Purge: Anarchy 5,188 4,071 9,259 -21.53%
14 (-5) Guardians of the Galaxy 9,349 3,828 13,177 -59.05%
15 (+3) Avengers: Age of Ultron 2,158 2,780 4,938 28.82%

Please check the methodology page for information about our Twitter project or here for historic data.

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By Daniel Garris

After placing in a very close second over the weekend, Sony's 22 Jump Street led the way on Monday with $3.64 million. The action comedy sequel starring Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum was down 50 percent from Sunday and down 47 percent from last Monday. With summer midweek grosses now kicking into full gear and Sunday's grosses being a bit deflated from the World Cup match between the United States and Portugal, daily holds were strong in general on Monday. 22 Jump Street has grossed an impressive $113.55 million through eleven days of release. That places the film 57 percent ahead of the $72.14 million eleven-day take of 2012's 21 Jump Street and 11 percent behind the $128.08 million eleven-day gross of last year's World War Z.

How to Train Your Dragon 2 claimed second with $3.12 million. The 3D computer animated sequel from Fox and DreamWorks Animation fell 55 percent from Sunday and a very respectable 38 percent from last Monday. How to Train Your Dragon 2 has grossed $97.72 million in eleven days and is set to surpass the $100 million domestic milestone today. The film is currently running nearly on par with the $97.42 million eleven-day take of 2010's How to Train Your Dragon.

Sony's Think Like a Man Too placed in third with $2.48 million. The Kevin Hart led ensemble comedy sequel fell 63 percent from Sunday, which easily represented the day's poorest daily hold among wide releases. That isn't a good early sign for the film going forward. With that said, Think Like a Man Too has grossed a solid $31.72 million in four days (especially with its modest price tag in mind). Think Like a Man Too is currently running 13 percent behind the $36.39 million four-day start of 2012's Think Like a Man.

Maleficent placed in fourth with $1.75 million. Disney's 3D fantasy blockbuster starring Angelina Jolie was down 52 percent from Sunday and down a very healthy 23 percent from last Monday. Thanks in part to continued strong holding power, Maleficent has grossed $187.63 million in 25 days and is now just $12.37 million away from reaching the $200 million domestic milestone.

Warner's Jersey Boys rounded out Monday's top five with $1.47 million. The Clint Eastwood directed musical was down 57 percent from Sunday's performance. Jersey Boys has grossed $14.79 million in four days, which is in line with the film's modest pre-release expectations. Jersey Boys is currently running 8 percent behind the $16.03 million four-day start of 2012's Rock of Ages.

Fox's The Fault in Our Stars followed closely behind in sixth with $1.43 million. In the process, the low-budget drama starring Shailene Woodley surpassed the $100 million domestic milestone on Monday. The 18-day total for The Fault in Our Stars stands at $100.13 million. The film continues to perform relatively stronger on weekdays, as it was down just 36 percent from Sunday and 38 percent from last Monday.

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qubecinemas.pngPowering Full 4K Color Grading and DCP Review of Feature Films

Playa Vista, CA: June 24, 2014... Qube Cinema has installed its XP-I server and Xi 4K integrated media block (IMB) in Super Star Power Productions' new 4K DI suite in Los Angeles. The combination postproduction facility and theater offers a seamless 4K pipeline from review of uncompressed 4K image files taken directly from 4K cameras, through color grading at 4K, to the Qube XP-I server and Xi IMB and projected via Barco's new DP4K-P postproduction projector. Hollywood producers and directors of feature films will now be able to review 4K images, color grade at 4K in real time and generate 4K DCPs for final QC, all from a single 4K projector in a home-like setting.

The beautiful DI suite is powered by a single Qube XP-I server, which is capable of streaming up to 1 Gbps of data, sufficient throughput to support DCPs at a frame rate of 30 fps at 4K or up to 120 fps at 2K. The postproduction version of the Qube Xi 4K IMB has a Quad 3G interface with four 3G-SDI cables that link to a Quantel Pablo Rio color grading board with 4K output, which then streams uncompressed 4K content directly to the Barco DP4K-P projector. The Quad 3G inputs of the Xi 4K IMB give Super Star Power Productions (SSPP) a simplified 4K postproduction workflow, allowing it to review and process 4K master image files from 4K cameras, and then switch seamlessly from uncompressed 4K color grading to 4K DCP playback without swapping input boards.

"The Qube server and 4K IMB allow us to have immediate comparisons and precise quality control of all content," said Will Holman, owner of SSPP. "We can be color grading at 4K one minute and the next we can review the 4K DCP that we mastered with QubeMaster Pro. There's no card to swap out, no cables to switch. It's seamless and simple."

Full 4K Workflow in the Comfort of an Elegant Home Theater
Holman designed and built the 4K DI suite on the first floor of the home he recently purchased in Playa Vista, a neighborhood of L.A. The space has a comfortable and elegant home theater feel to it, with sound-proof paneling and four Acoustic Smart seats. It has a workstation where the coloring system and interface boards fit, with a 4K monitor mounted on the wall nearby. In addition to the projection equipment, the 4K DI suite has a Daily Dual screen system from Stewart Filmscreen with two screens. One is a SnoMatte 100 non-perf screen for color grading. This white screen can be rolled up electrically to reveal the fixed silver screen, a 3D RealD Ultimate Screen, which increases light throughout the whole screen for a crisper, brighter image while viewing 2D and 3D films.

"This is the first 4K DI suite that has all the bells and whistles," said Jeff Battles, vice president of sales at Perception Technologies, the system integrator on the project. "In addition to the Qube 4K IMB and server, it has the best projector for 4K and the first RealD Ultimate Screen. Super Star has everything in this one room that's needed to color grade and finish 2D and 3D movies."

After months of research, Holman chose his equipment, starting with the Qube Cinema XP-I server, Xi 4K IMB and the Barco 4K postproduction projector.

"I designed this 4K studio to be future-proof by choosing all the best gear," Holman said. "When I met Eric Bergez and the Qube team at NAB last year, they really understood my vision for a high-end coloring suite with 4K capability. As I was doing my research I kept hearing good things about them. When you hear something several times, especially from an integration company with the reputation of Perception Technologies, then you definitely take heed."

The Perception Technologies engineers designed the room as a turnkey solution for Holman. They started with the shell of the room, figured out where to put speakers and how the room should look. Holman selected the seats and the color scheme while Perception Technologies did all of the system integration except put in the color grading system.

From Camera Rental to High-End Film Finishing
"I'm excited to get my hands on all this great equipment and will certainly continue to do some color grading," Holman explained. "My goal is to create a picture from production through post, leveraging all the connections I've made in the industry over the years."

Holman began his multifaceted career in the film industry as an actor, before turning his hand to writing and directing. After the birth of his son in 2008, he saw post as a good way to stay connected with the industry while expressing his creativity through editing and color grading. He was renting out high-end cameras and editing his own material when he decided to take SSPP to the next level - building his own 4K DI postproduction theater. Although he will do some color grading, Holman's long-term vision is to rent out the whole space, including the living areas of the house, as a rental property for studios. It would be a private space to stay while completing the color grading and editing of feature films.

"Producers want results instantly and they'll be able to get them here," Holman explained. "It is because of Qube that I can show my customers what I'm finishing in real time, going from 4K color grading to DCP review with the flip of a switch, and all in the same room. This increases my value while saving them time and money."

"Will is providing directors and producers with a less expensive room to rent to finish their movies," said Jeff Battles, of Perception Tech. "They now have access to the high-quality screens, projector, color grading board and server they're used to at larger facilities, but in an intimate setting. People are going to find doing 4K here really impressive."

"Having a full 4K workflow is a huge leap forward for postproduction studios and Will is leading the way with his 4K DI suite," said Eric Bergez, director of sales and marketing for Qube Cinema. "Super Star is offering Hollywood creatives the best room possible to color grade and finish their films. We're thrilled that they turned to Qube to help make this happen."

For more information about the Qube XP-I server, Xi 4K IMB and QubeMaster Pro mastering software contact Eric Bergez at or 818-392-8155 or visit

About Qube Cinema, Inc.
Qube Cinema is an international manufacturer of Digital Cinema technology and mastering solutions. A subsidiary of India-based Real Image Media Technologies, Qube Cinema draws on decades of experience in media, cinema and entertainment. The company is committed to creating a seamless Digital Cinema environment for exhibitors, filmmakers and postproduction companies with technologies that are innovative, flexible and cost-effective. Qube Cinema's product lines include the Qube XP series of digital cinema servers, Qube Xi 4K Integrated Media Block, QubeMaster software solutions, and Qube Keysmith KDM generation system. Qube Cinema, Inc. is based in Burbank, California. For more information, visit


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By Alex Edghill

Tuesday Morning Update: The Transformers franchise returns this upcoming weekend with its 4th entry. Michael Bay had said he was done with the series but let's face it, no director is going to walk away from a potential sequel to a film which made over a billion worldwide. An all new human cast has been employed here, led by Mark Wahlberg who, unlike Shia LeBeouf, Megan Fox, Josh Duhamel before, actual does have a significant box office draw all on his own. The film should appeal to a very wide demographic with Wahlberg perhaps helping to bring in more older adults than past entries. It accounted for 28,545 tweets on Monday, up over 60% from its Sunday's returns. By comparison, Transformers: Dark Of The Moon had just 7,881 tweets four days before its release (keep in mind that was a Wednesday release though). I like the big bump here versus the last in the series which is usually a strong sign for its opening potential if nothing else. We have yet to have a film open to above $100 million for the year but this has a strong chance of ending the wait on the weekend based on its early showing.

The other big news on the day was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles which launched a viral campaign on the day and saw its tweet-count rise to over 22,000. Today it is also reaping the benefits of the campaign as it is on target to also surpass 20,000. Its a long ways from the 58k of the first trailer commanded but considering that second trailers often see hefty declines even in excess of this I would say the marketing campaign is a win here. At the very least props for originality and going out of its way to appeal to its fan-base and get them to help promote the film.

Top 15 Movies for Monday June 23rd

Rk Film Sun Mon Sun-Mon %
1 (-) The Fault in Our Stars 76,645 63,295 -17.42%
2 (-) Think Like a Man Too 73,379 41,370 -43.62%
3 (+1) Maleficent 43,535 39,532 -9.19%
4 (-1) 22 Jump Street 48,719 36,320 -25.45%
5 (+1) Transformers: Age of Extinction 17,087 28,545 67.06%
6 (+26) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) 534 22,016 4022.85%
7 (+1) The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 9,575 19,532 103.99%
8 (-1) How to Train Your Dragon 2 10,738 11,470 6.82%
9 (+1) Guardians of the Galaxy 5,732 9,349 63.10%
10 (-1) Humshakals 7,633 8,118 6.35%
11 (+1) If I Stay 4,477 6,184 38.13%
12 (-7) Edge of Tomorrow 19,381 5,285 -72.73%
13 (-2) X-Men: Days of Future Past 4,999 5,223 4.48%
14 (+4) The Purge: Anarchy 1,381 5,188 275.67%
15 (-) The Amazing Spider-Man 2 1,695 2,805 65.49%

Please check the methodology page for information about our Twitter project or here for historic data.

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