By Alex Edghill

Wednesday Morning Update: Hercules stumbled significantly for the second day in a row on Tuesday as it ended up with 8,648 tweets, down 8% from 9,442 tweets on Monday. Coming on the heels of its 13% dip on Monday this is definitely not the most heartening of developments and just about cements its status as an underperformer on the weekend. Sure $20 million plus is in play but with a budget of over $110 million plus prints and advertising and the tentpole tag being applied to it by Paramount and MGM this is hardly a satisfying number for its backers even if it doubles its numbers internationally. By comparison, The Legend Of Hercules had 971 tweets its Tuesday before release while Pompeii had 2,134 tweets and 300: Rise OF An Empire had 5,022 tweets. The overall numbers are still quite hefty but with consistent falls over the last few days and the fact that Dwayne Johnson commands more attention on Twitter than any of my three comparison means that I discount it heavily.

Lucy had the slightest of bumps on Tuesday as it rose a handful of tweets to 5,038, up from 5,020 on Monday. I'm not as concerned with this tiny rise since it had a healthy jump on Monday and has been ramping up nicely in the past weeks. By comparison, 3 Days To Kill had 1,293 tweets its Tuesday before release, while the similarly restrictively titled Hanna had just 927. Despite having easier to search strings, other valid comparisons (*nod to PJEDWARDS*) include Transcendence which had 1,936 tweets its Tuesday before release and Edge Of Tomorrow which had 14,541. Despite the lower numbers this is looking good to win the weekend based on its title-handicap, its trajectory and recent comparisons. I'd say $25 million plus should be assured but I'd like to see its growth tomorrow before locking in as another tiny increase or even fall would spell trouble.

Top 15 Movies for Tuesday July 22nd

Rk Film Mon Tue Week Mon-Tue %
1 (-) Guardians of the Galaxy 26,516 30,606 57,122 15.42%
2 (+3) Transformers: Age of Extinction 10,516 19,335 29,851 83.86%
3 (+5) 22 Jump Street 8,442 18,466 26,908 118.74%
4 (+6) If I Stay 7,341 17,253 24,594 135.02%
5 (-3) Dawn of The Planet of The Apes 21,860 14,797 36,657 -32.31%
6 (-3) The Purge: Anarchy 17,343 13,000 30,343 -25.04%
7 (+4) The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 5,772 11,499 17,271 99.22%
8 (-2) Fifty Shades of Grey 10,388 10,994 21,382 5.83%
9 (-2) Hercules (2014) 9,442 8,648 18,090 -8.41%
10 (+4) Maleficent 4,643 5,420 10,063 16.73%
11 (+2) Step Up All In 5,007 5,260 10,267 5.05%
12 (+5) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) 3,055 5,196 8,251 70.08%
13 (-1) Lucy 5,020 5,038 10,058 0.36%
14 (+1) Avengers: Age of Ultron 3,620 4,526 8,146 25.03%
15 (+1) Before I Go to Sleep 3,408 3,134 6,542 -8.04%

Please check the methodology page for information about our Twitter project or here for historic data.

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By Daniel Garris

Fox's Dawn of the Planet of the Apes led the way on Monday with $4.21 million. The critically acclaimed 3D sci-fi action sequel has now led the daily box office for ten of the past eleven days. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes was down 62 percent from Sunday and down a respectable 49 percent from last Monday. The eleven-day total for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes stands at $143.41 million. That is ahead of pre-release expectations and places the film an impressive 32 percent ahead of the $108.76 million eleven-day take of 2011's Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

Universal's The Purge: Anarchy claimed second place with $3.32 million. The sequel to last year's break-out horror film was down a healthy 54 percent from Sunday. In comparison, The Purge fell 51.5 percent on its first Monday to gross $3.31 million. With a very solid four-day start of $33.14 million, The Purge: Anarchy is running 11 percent behind the $37.37 million four-day start of The Purge. However, daily holds for The Purge: Anarchy thus far suggests that the film will hold up a bit better than The Purge did.

Planes: Fire and Rescue claimed third with $1.86 million. The modestly budgeted computer animated sequel from Disney fell 59 percent from Sunday. Planes: Fire and Rescue has grossed $19.37 million through four days. That is a bit below expectations and 22 percent behind the $24.72 million four-day take of last year's Planes (which fell 58 percent on its first Monday to gross $2.49 million). Planes: Fire and Rescue will hope to hold up well going forward due in part to the limited amount of options for family audiences throughout the rest of the summer.

Sony's Sex Tape placed in fourth with $1.55 million. The comedy starring Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel was down 58 percent from Sunday, which isn't the greatest daily hold for an R-rated comedy on its first Monday. Sex Tape has grossed a significantly poorer than expected $16.16 million through four days of release. That places the film a very disappointing 55 percent behind the $35.61 million four-day start of 2011's Bad Teacher.

Transformers: Age of Extinction rounded out Monday's top five with $1.17 million. The fourth installment of Paramount's sci-fi action franchise was down 60 percent from Sunday and down 42 percent from last Monday. Transformers: Age of Extinction has grossed $228.17 million through 25 days. That currently ranks the film as the fifth highest grossing release of 2014 thus far domestically and before long the film will surpass Maleficent and X-Men: Days of Future Past to move into third place.

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maleficent.jpgDisney scored its second $700M+ global hit of the year as Maleficent became the 15th release of the studio's history to reach the vaunted milestone. 


Maleficent has grossed $471.8 million outside of North America through July 21 thanks to strong showings in China ($47.4M), Mexico ($45.7M), Russia ($37.5M) and Brazil ($32.3M). The film has also grossed $32.7 million in Japan, where it has won the top spot over the last three consecutive weekends. 


Maleficent is Angelina Jolie’s highest grossing live action film of all time domestically, internationally and globally. It is also highest grossing original film of 2014 worldwide.




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fandango.pngThe Nation's Leading Moviegoer Destination Continues Robust Ticket Sales and Traffic Growth on Mobile -- More than 50% of all Ticket Sales are now on Mobile Devices

LOS ANGELES - July 22, 2014 - Fandango, the nation's leading moviegoer destination, announced today that it will launch a brand-new movie discovery and ticketing app customized for Amazon's new Fire Phone releasing later this week. The new app extends Amazon's long-term relationship with Fandango, currently available on Kindle Fire tablets and other Amazon products.

Fandango also announced that it has reached a major milestone in terms of mobile ticketing, with more than 50% of its tickets sold on mobile devices. The company has seen dramatic growth in mobile traffic and ticket sales, with a 31% surge in tickets sold via mobile devices when compared with the same period in 2013.

"It is very exciting to be a part of the #1 online retailer's entry into the mobile phone space, by bringing our #1 moviegoing destination to Amazon's Fire phone," said Paul Yanover, President of Fandango. "We are seeing an enormous shift in moviegoer behavior towards mobile, and look forward to working with Amazon to further grow mobile engagement and ticketing."

"Fandango is an innovative brand offering a seamless experience for moviegoers on the go," said Steve Rabuchin, Vice President, Amazon Appstore. "We're thrilled that Fandango has created an app for the Fire phone. We think customers are going to love the experience."

As part of its new app for the Amazon Fire phone, Fandango is showcasing a top-10 movie list right on the home screen carousel that deep links to showtimes at nearby theaters for faster on-the-go ticketing. Taking advantage of the Fire phone's Dynamic Perspective technology, moviegoers can tilt their phone to reveal Fandango user movie reviews, navigate moviegoing menus, and see custom video playlists of movie trailers, celebrity interviews and Fandango's original shows, "Weekend Ticket," "Mom's Movie Minute" and "Reel Kids."

At launch, Fire users will be able to purchase tickets for new releases, including Scarlett Johansson's "Lucy" and Dwayne Johnson's "Hercules" (opening on July 25), plus advance tickets to Marvel's "Guardians of the Galaxy" (opening on August 1).
Fandango's integration into the Fire phone furthers the company's goal to be ubiquitous wherever consumers are making their moviegoing decisions. In addition to fandango.com, Fandango is also available on the mobile Web, Kindle Fire, iPhone and iPad (and via Siri), Android (and via Google Now), Windows Phone, Nook, Samsung Smart TV and Galaxy Note, Roku, and many other platforms.

About Fandango

Fandango, the nation's leading moviegoer destination and a unit of NBCUniversal, sells tickets to more than 24,000 screens nationwide. Fandango entertains and informs consumers with reviews, commentary, celebrity interviews and trailers, and offers the ability to quickly select a film, plan where and when to see it, and conveniently buy tickets in advance. For many theaters, fans can print their tickets at home or receive them as a paperless Mobile Ticket on their smartphones. Fandango's top-ranking movie ticketing apps, with more than 42 million downloads, are available on the iPhone and iPad, Android, and many other platforms. Fandango is enjoyed by more than 30 million online and mobile visitors each month, according to comScore. Film fans also find Fandango on Facebook at www.facebook.com/fandango and on Twitter @Fandango.

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By Alex Edghill

Tuesday Morning Update: Hercules started its release week with a strong 9,442 tweets on Monday. As impressive as the number was, the fact that it was down over 13% from its Sunday total is a tad of a worry as that isn't the norm for big releases such as this. The film is trying to appeal to a broad range of audiences thanks to the well known story of Hercules and the brawny box office drawn Dwayne Johnson has managed to cultivate over the past few years. By comparison, The Legend Of Hercules had 602 tweets its Monday before release while Pompeii had 1,893 tweets. No surprise that this film is tracking far ahead of The Legend Of Hercules considering the much greater marketing spend as well as much greater star power. There is no doubt its going to be the best performing Hercules movie on the year, but I'm curious to see how it rises or falls as the week progresses as this could potentially have a hefty ratio thanks to Dwayne Johnson's presence. $20 million+ is a lock with strong international returns but I think its going to have its hands full with...

Lucy began its week with a much less auspicious 5,020 tweets on Monday, a 47% bump from 3,421 tweets on Sunday. The film is looking to appeal to Sci-Fi lovers the world over and thanks to Scarlett Johansson it should be able to pad seats with a significant percentage of women. The film obviously has a super common name which really limits our ability to capture all potential tweets about it. The fact that its above 5,000 tweets with such a restrictive string speaks volumes for its appeal. By comparison, 3 Days To Kill had 785 tweets its Monday before release, while the similarly restrictively titled Hanna had just 608. This is the clear-cut favorite to win the weekend, and if it can produce $30 million+ on opening I believe there is a strong chance it might become a franchise.

Top 15 Movies for Monday July 21st

Rk Film Sun Mon Sun-Mon %
1 (+7) Guardians of the Galaxy 8,871 26,516 198.91%
2 (-1) Dawn of The Planet of The Apes 24,202 21,860 -9.68%
3 (-) The Purge: Anarchy 17,579 17,343 -1.34%
4 (+19) Star Wars: Episode VII 1,405 11,687 731.81%
5 (-1) Transformers: Age of Extinction 14,677 10,516 -28.35%
6 (+1) Fifty Shades of Grey 9,166 10,388 13.33%
7 (-1) Hercules (2014) 10,946 9,442 -13.74%
8 (-3) 22 Jump Street 12,756 8,442 -33.82%
9 (-7) The Fault in Our Stars 20,496 7,782 -62.03%
10 (+2) If I Stay 4,534 7,341 61.91%
11 (-2) The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 5,455 5,772 5.81%
12 (+1) Lucy 3,421 5,020 46.74%
13 (-3) Step Up All In 5,190 5,007 -3.53%
14 (-3) Maleficent 4,691 4,643 -1.02%
15 (+1) Avengers: Age of Ultron 2,520 3,620 43.65%
58 (-15) And So It Goes 263 202 -23.19%

Please check the methodology page for information about our Twitter project or here for historic data.

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