Horns and Halos

on February 28, 2003 by Susan Green
A punk rocker with a basement publishing operation is the improbable hero of “Horns and Halos,” a fascinating but choppy documentary by Suki Hawley and Michael Galinsky. Sander Hicks ran Soft Skull Press from the lower depths of a Lower East Side tenement, where he also worked as a custodian. In 1999 the Manhattan resident decided to issue a new edition of “Fortunate Son,” an unauthorized biography of George W. Bush. The much larger St. Martin's Press had just recalled the book's first edition after revelations that the author, J.H. Hatfield, was a convicted felon.

The film retraces efforts by Hicks and Hatfield to promote the controversial tome--with an added an epilogue alleging that Bush was busted for cocaine possession in 1972. Success eluded them. Misfortune followed. Was Dubya's camp pulling strings? That question lingers in “Horns and Halos,” a non-fiction tale the White House is likely to pan. Starring Sander Hicks, J.H. Hatfield, Peter Slover and Mark Crispin Miller. Directed by Suki Hawley and Michael Galinsky. Produced by Hawley, Galinsky and David Beilinson. No distributor set. Documentary. Not yet rated. Running time: 80 min.

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