My Mother Likes Women

on May 21, 2004 by Shlomo Schwartzberg
When renowned pianist Sofia (Rosa Maria Sarda) announces to her three daughters that she's fallen in love with another woman, the stage is set for a likeable screwball comedy about gender, sexuality and family dynamics. A frothy concoction to be sure, and one that never cuts too deeply, "My Mother Likes Women" nevertheless skirts predictability and political correctness in equal measure, adding up to an entertaining night at the movies. The star of the film, however, is not really Sarda, who's fine as the title character, but Leonor Watling ("My Life Without Me") as Sofia's ditzy and effervescent daughter, Elvira, who starts to question her own heterosexuality in light of her mother's startling revelation. Her journey to find herself takes some unexpected turns but it's her delightful performance that actually lifts "My Mother Likes Women" above the ordinary. Starring Rosa Maria Sarda, Leonor Watling and Silvia Abascal. Directed and written by Daniela Fejerman and Ines Paris. Produced by Fernando Colomo and Beatriz de la Gandara. A Norador release. Comedy/Drama. Spanish- and Czech-language; subtitled. Unrated. Running time: 96 min
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