'Gravity' Reaches $21.1M on November 25, 2013

gravityopeningweekend.jpgGravity floated to a $21.1 million cume in its seventh weekend in Russia. The sci-fi film has grossed $331.5 million overseas and a total of $577 million worldwide. Russia is the fifth most important overseas market for the film, trailing France ($42.8M), China ($35.5M), the U.K. ($31.4M), and South Korea ($27.9M). Gravity’s numbers in Russia suffered from a heated competition against Stalingrad, a domestic IMAX release that broke the country’s box office record for a domestic film with a $51 million haul.

'The Hunger Games Catching Fire' Enjoys a Bright Russian Debut on November 25, 2013

cf.pngThe Hunger Games: Catching Fire nearly outgrossed the lifetime total of the original after a $10.8 million premiere put the film front and center at the Russian box office. The first installment in The Hunger Games franchise opened with a $6.6 million bow en route to a $13.3 million cume. The sequel is set to exceed the original’s total in the coming week.   

'Delivery Man' Delivers Familiar Results for Vince Vaughn in Russia on November 25, 2013

DMStill.jpgVince Vaughn isn't a very bankable star in Russia, an overseas market where comedies tend to be hit-or-miss. The star's latest comedy vehicle, Delivery Man, a remake of the French-language Canadian indie Starbuck, opened on par with Vaughn's previous outings in the market.

Vaughn's last comedy, The Internship, tanked in North America and abroad with a $94 million global gross. Unfortunately for the actor, it doesn't appear as if Delivery Man will be able to deliver better results.

The comedy sank in North America with an $8.2 million bow and failed to make an impact in Russia with a $1.2 million take. The opening weekend is on par with similar comedies starring Vaughn: Couples Retreat is the actor's best Russian performance with a $1.6 million bow and $4 million cume; The Watch opened with $1.3 million and finished its run with $3.2 million; and The Internship took in $1 million in its debut this summer before closing with a $3.2 million haul.


RUSSIA: 'Thor: The Dark World' Set to Double Gross of the Original on November 20, 2013


Thor: The Dark World became the fifth-highest grossing film of the year in Russia after a $5 million weekend pushed the superhero sequel’s cume past the $30 million mark. The Thor sequel has now grossed nearly twice as much as its predecessor’s $16.4 million take.

Carrie opened in 820 screens to take second place, posting a $4.8 million bow and $5,881 per-screen average. The horror film put in a stronger performance than fellow opener Last Vegas, which settled for third place with a $3.3 million debut.

Russian hits Gorko! and Stalingrad continued to enjoy success in their respective runs. Stalingrad reached a $51.6 million total in its home country while Gorko! added $1.5 million over the weekend to reach a $23.1 million domestic cume.

Top Ten Films in Russia:


'Thor: The Dark World,' 'Stalingrad' Reach Major Milestones on November 18, 2013

Russia is the second-biggest overseas market for Thor: The Dark World. The superhero sequel has already broken the $30 million mark in the market, reaching a $31.6 million cume.

Stalingrad is winding down its domestic run, finishing the weekend with a $51.5 million cume in its home country. The WWII historical epic has also been a hit in China, where it entered the weekend with a $10.9 million total. Stalingrad's worldwide total is $65.7 million without factoring in the weekend results from China.

The Counselor reached a $5.3 million cume in its third frame. Gravity reached $20.9 million over its seventh weekend in the market.

Check back later this week for a full report on the weekend numbers from Russia.

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