RUSSIA: 'Fast 6' Opens Strong with $17.7M, 'Star Trek' Slides into Darkness on May 29, 2013

fast-furious-6_05.jpgFast & Furious 6 sped through the Russian box office last weekend, grossing a massive $17.7 million in its opening weekend. The film premiered in 900 screens, less than The Great Gatsby or Star Trek Into Darkness, and easily finished the weekend leading the per-screen average race with $19,746. The Great Gatsby placed second with the smallest drop from all of the weekend's hold-overs, falling 41% for a $3.3 million weekend and $11.3 million Russian cume. Russia is Gatsby's second-most important market, behind the United Kingdom. Epic premiered in third place with $1.9 million. Star Trek Into Darkness suffered a steep 73% drop in its second week, grossing $1.6 million over the weekend. It's an alarming slide for the sci-fi sequel, which has grossed a $9.2 million cume in Russia and looks to have run out of steam as public interest has waned early on. Iron Man 3 had its first weekend under the $1 million mark, dropping 72% and reaching a $43.6 million cume. The $50 million mark looks to be out of reach for Iron Man 3 in Russia.

Box Office Results for Russia. May 24-26, 2013


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RUSSIA: 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Narrowly Beats 'The Great Gatsby' in Heated Box Office Battle on May 22, 2013

startrekgrosses.jpgStar Trek Into Darkness came out on top after going head-to-head with The Great Gatsby in Russia. A close battle for the top spot saw both films in a heated competition where Star Trek's higher screen count proved to be the difference. The sci-fi sequel grossed $6.1 million but fell behind Gatsby's market-leading $4,438 per-screen average. The screen count suggests Gatsby could have potentially won the top spot in Russia if it had played in more locations. The new releases saw Iron Man 3 slide to third place after a 76% drop, reaching a $42 million total in Russia. Domestic hockey biopic Legend No. 17 had its first weekend under $1 million in its fifth week in release. The Russian film will have few complaints after scoring an impressive $28.5 million cume in its home country. 

Box Office Results for Russia. May 17-19, 2013.


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RUSSIA: 'Iron Man 3' Reaches $42.2M Among Heavy Competition on May 19, 2013

Iron Man 3 faced its biggest competition at the Russian box office this weekend, facing off against big opening days from Star Trek Into Darkness and The Great Gatsby. The superhero film was still able to retain some of its drawing power, however, reaching a $42.2 million total in the Russian market. 

RUSSIA: 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Poised for $9M Opening Weekend on May 19, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness is poised for a $9M opening weekend according to official sources. The film will likely unseat Iron Man 3 as the top movie at the Russian box office. Star Trek Into Darkness will compete with the opening of The Great Gatsby for the top spot. Both new releases should combine to affect Iron Man 3's screen count and weekend gross, slowing down the superhero film as it nears $50M in the Russian market.

RUSSIA: 'Gatsby' Posts Strong Opening Day with $2.6M on May 19, 2013

The Great Gatsby showed strong opening day numbers in Russia, bringing in $2.6M in a packed weekend. The Leonardo DiCaprio vehicle faces strong competition from hold-overs like domestic hit Legend No. 17 and Iron Man 3, both films have been dominating the box office in recent weeks. The hot numbers from new release Star Trek Into Darkness will likely prevent Gatsby from getting the weekend's top spot in Russia.

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