RUSSIA: 'Oblivion' Biggest 2D Opener of 2013 on April 16, 2013


l_1483013_ffc88e3c.jpgOblivion became Russia's highest grossing 2D opener so far this year, according to Universal. The latest Tom Cruise film is the actor's biggest opening in Russia, where it grossed $9 million in 870 screens. Stars Tom Cruise and Olga Kurylenko attended the film's Russian premiere in person earlier this month. The face time in Russia certainly helped the film's marketing efforts, conquering a vital overseas market on its way to a $60.4 million overseas cume a week ahead of its North American release.

RUSSIA: 'Olympus Has Fallen' #1 in Box Office, 'Evil Dead' Wins Per-Screen on April 10, 2013

The Russian box office had a robust weekend, with seven of the films in the top ten grossing over a million dollars. Olympus Has Fallen took the top spot in its first week with $2.8 million, closely trailed by G.I.Joe: Retaliation in its second weekend with $2.6 million -a steep 70% from its opening. Evil Dead was the biggest performer, making $2.1 million in 420 screens for a per-screen average of $5,541. The horror film outperformed several other new releases, including Dead Man Down ($216K) and Danny Boyle's Trance ($1.3 million). Jurassic Park looked promising in IMAX previews last weekend, cracking the top ten despite playing in less than fifty screens. A wide expansion meant a $1.3 million gross, a great performance for a re-release but perhaps not living up to the expectations from previews. The Host dropped down to the eight spot in its second week, a 65% tumble that equalled a weekend gross just under the million mark. Meanwhile, Oz: The Great and Powerful  has finally begun to lose momentum in tenth place after five weeks in release. The Disney film suffered the biggest drop over the weekend, falling 77% and grossing just under a quarter million dollars. Oz had a good run, however, grossing a $26.6 million cume in the Russian market this year.




'G.I. Joe' Knocks Down 'Jack the Giant Slayer' With $8.8M Weekend on April 03, 2013

G.I. Joe Retaliation earned the top spot in Russia, as the action film knocked down Jack the Giant Slayer from number one and withstood the debut of The Host on its opening weekend. Joe will  $8.8 million out of the gate, out-grossing Jack by over $5 million in nearly as many screens as Bryan Singer’s fairytale thriller slid down 51%. The Croods continued to perform well through its third weekend, grossing $6 million –only 22% down from the previous week. The Host opened in less than a thousand screens in the country and earned $2.6. The Jurassic Park re-released fared especially well in limited release, cracking the top ten despite opening in less than fifty screens.

Movie Title Distributor      Weekend        Weeks  Locations              Cume
1 G.I. Joe: Retaliation  Сentral partnership 8,879,628 1 1,267 8,879,628
2 The Croods  20th century fox 6,054,343 3 2,166 22,000,481
3 Jack the Giant Slayer  Кaro premier 3,355,891 2 1,329 9,530,485
4 The Host  West 2,668,000 1 784 2,668,000
5 Oz the Great & Powerful WDSSPR 959,557 4 429 26,708,168
6 Identity Thief UPI 691,136 2 357 2,573,821
7 Maniac  NKI 222,165 2 335 882,983
8 Mama UPI 187,936 4 126 5,993,558
9 Jurassic Park  UPI 139,679 1 36 139,679
10 Möbius  Paradise 130,550 2 163 480,718

All grosses are based on estimates.

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European Cinema Consulting to Become Manufacturer's Representative for Europe and Russia for DepthQ 3D on April 01, 2013

BELLEVUE, Wash. -- Lightspeed Design, Inc., manufacturer of the DepthQ® 3D Polarization Modulator, has announced that European Cinema Consulting GmbH (ECCO), a company founded by industry veteran Thomas Ruttgers in 2012, will be joining DepthQ® as manufacturer's representative and liaison for Europe and Russia.

Chris Ward, President of Lightspeed Design, Inc. said: "Our goal in engaging ECCO is to increase communication with DepthQ® dealers, increase outreach to exhibitors, and provide more localized customer service." He added that thanks to the growing network of dealers the DepthQ® modulator had been a great technical and business success, now passing 1000 screens worldwide.

Thomas Ruttgers, Managing Director of ECCO stated: "I'm proud that Lightspeed Design has chosen us as their manufacturer's representative as I believe in the product and the philosophy behind it and look forward to increasing its popularity in Europe and Russia."

Within the month ECCO will begin providing support to dealers and have spare parts on hand in Germany for quick response.


'Pacific Rim' Curries Favor From Russian Audiences on March 28, 2013

pacific_rim.jpgThe Guillermo del Toro summer blockbuster Pacific Rim released a new character poster this week designed to build interest among Russian audiences. Pacific Rim tracks an epic man-versus-monster battle waged around the world when massive sea creatures called the Kaiju rise from the ocean floor to break and destroy all civilization. Mankind's only way to fight back: giant robots. The new poster plays up Russia's robot, a titan called Cherno Alpha, who is controlled by two humans sheltered in his sternum. We've only gotten glimpses of Cherno in the trailer, but here he's displayed in full, fiery glory storming through a snowy Russian forest. Click here for a full teaser blueprint of Cherno Alpha. 

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