Jackie Chan Conquers Russian Charts on February 06, 2013

Jackie Chan's latest action film, Chinese Zodiac or CZ12, set two Guinness World Records before the film was even released: Most Stunts Performed by a Living Actor, and Most Credits in One Movie. CZ12 tracks Chan's attempt to rescue 12 ancient golden zodiac statues worth over a million euros, a quest that ends in Chan dangling over a volcano. The film grossed over $130 million in China last December, earning it the momentum to place #1 on the Russian charts this weekend with $4.39 million in its first week of release. With a screen average of $5,371 over 809, it also had the highest per-screen success of any film in the top ten. Jackie Chan doesn't have many box office smashes in Russia -- Chinese Zodiac ranks among his highest openers -- but that's due to piracy, not his own popularity.  

Watch the trailer for Chinese Zodiac.

International Children's Film Festival Opens in Vladivostok on February 05, 2013

The three-day International Children's Film Festival kicked off in Vladivostok, Russia on February 5th to foster the next generation of Russian directors. More than 1,000 short films were submitted by Russian schoolchildren to compete in several categories including fiction, documentary, TV, cartoons, video clips and public service announcements. The young filmmakers will also meet with professional filmmakers and study in special master classes. Vladivostok is also home to the International Film Festival of Asian Pacific Countries in September. 

BOX OFFICE REPORT: 'Django Unchained' Breaks $10 Million in Russia on February 03, 2013

django.pngDjango Unchained has clicked with Russian audiences. The Quentin Tarantino slavery shoot-em-up has crossed the $10 million barrier in just two weeks of release. Distributed in Russia by Walt Disney Studios Sony Pictures Releasing, Django Unchained has stayed in the top three at the box office, and its weekly drop was just 38.5%, better than Life of Pi (51.2%) and even the #1 film, Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters ($45 million). Django is easily Quentin Tarantino's most successful release. In 2009, Inglourious Basterds managed to make $5.9 million in Russian theaters -- a sum that Django should make twice-over by the end of the week. 

Russian Star Cast in Next Big Teen Franchise on February 02, 2013

dimitri.jpgDanila Kozlovskiy has been cast as the lead in Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters, the first in a potential six-film franchise based on the bestselling series by American author Richelle Mead. Kozlovskiy is an unknown in the States but a big name in Russia where his latest film Dukhless (Soulless) was a $14 million hit, one of the biggest domestic successes of 2012. Vampire Academy features the 27-year-old two-time Best Actor winner as Dimitri Belikov, the protector of two paranormal teenage girls and main heartthrob in the series. The first Vampire Academy film will be produced by Don Murphy (Transformers) and has announced a very rough theatrical release date of 2014. Said Murphy, "The great thing about the VA books is if you actually read them, they will obsess and absorb you. Richelle Mead created a world that we think is more seductive than either Twilight or Hunger [Games]. We aim to get that word to the screen intact." To date, the Vampire Academy series has sold over 8 million copies in 35 countries, and the pivotal casting of a big name Russian actor is a smart move for a series that wants to mimic Twilight's huge international success. Mark Waters (Mean Girls, Spiderwick Chronicles) will direct. 


'Ticket to Vegas' Wins Big in Russia on January 31, 2013

Ticket to Vegas, the latest comedy by Gor Kirakosian -- the Armenian-born, American-trained director behind the 2006 international festival hit Big Story in a Small City, is the helmer's biggest Russian hit to date, opening strong in 2nd place on the charts with a $3.9 million take in its debut frame. Ticket to Vegas' launch has already bested the total Russian gross of Kirakosian's last film, Lost & Found in Armenia, which managed just $110K when it hit theaters last fall. The ensemble comedy follows four Russian friends who travel to Vegas to cash in on a $5 million lottery ticket, and features cameos from Danny Trejo (Machete) and Robert Nash, a U.S. Robert De Niro impersonator. 

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