'Guardians of the Galaxy' Holds Onto First Place on Thursday with $2.57M; 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' #2 with $2.32MAugust 22, 2014 12:56 PM

by Daniel Garris

Disney's Guardians of the Galaxy took in $2.57 million on Thursday to continue to lead the daily box office. The blockbuster sci-fi superhero adaptation from Marvel has led the daily box office for three of the past four days. Guardians of the Galaxy was down just 2 percent from Wednesday and down a very solid 39 percent from last Thursday. The film placed in second for the week with $36.71 million. That was down 42 percent from the previous frame and brings the three-week total for the film to a very impressive $234.25 million. Guardians of the Galaxy will likely reach the $250 million domestic milestone on either Sunday or Monday.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles held steady in second place with $2.32 million. Paramount's high-profile franchise re-launch was down 4 percent from Wednesday and down 46 percent from last Thursday. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was the week's top film with a weekly take of $39.57 million. That represented a 56 percent decline from the film's first week performance and brings the film's two-week total to a significantly stronger than expected $128.81 million.

Let's Be Cops took in $1.65 million to remain in third. Fox's low-budget action-comedy fell 6 percent from Wednesday and 48 percent from last Thursday. Let's Be Cops placed in third for the week with $25.84 million and has grossed $34.25 million in nine days. While the film is performing towards the lower end of pre-release expectations thus far, it is performing well with its price-tag in mind.

The Weinstein Company's The Giver claimed fourth with $1.06 million. The modestly budgeted young adult sci-fi adaptation decreased 5 percent from Wednesday. The Giver placed in fifth for the week with a seven-day start of $17.37 million. That was on the low end of expectations, but was 20 percent stronger than the $14.43 million seven-day take of last year's The Host.

Lionsgate's The Expendables 3 rounded out the day's unchanged top five with $1.01 million. The third installment of the ensemble action franchise starring Sylvester Stallone was down 7 percent from Wednesday. The Expendables 3 landed in fourth this week with a seven-day start of $20.92 million. That was softer than expected and a disappointing 46 percent below the $38.81 million seven-day take of 2012's The Expendables 2.

Weekly domestic gross

YearWeekTop 10 GrossChg. LY%Total GrossChg. LY% Top movie of the week
200134 (Aug 24 - Aug 30)$31,248,753-49%$136,291,0008%American Pie 2
200034 (Aug 25 - Aug 31)$61,798,204-41%$125,648,000--Bring It On
200234 (Aug 23 - Aug 29)$99,475,456218%$126,110,000-7%Signs
201134 (Aug 26 - Sep 01)$99,829,698-31%$137,351,000-25%The Help
201234 (Aug 24 - Aug 30)$102,049,8592%$140,206,0002%The Expendables 2
200634 (Aug 25 - Aug 31)$103,956,590-2%$140,838,0004%Invincible (2006)
200534 (Aug 26 - Sep 01)$105,707,637-21%$135,447,000-19%The 40-Year-Old Virgin
200334 (Aug 22 - Aug 28)$111,024,75312%$141,858,00012%Freddy Vs. Jason
200834 (Aug 22 - Aug 28)$114,030,9630%$149,475,000-1%Tropic Thunder
200734 (Aug 24 - Aug 30)$114,377,62410%$151,284,0007%Superbad
201334 (Aug 23 - Aug 29)$117,269,71315%$157,010,00012%Lee Daniels' The Butler
200434 (Aug 20 - Aug 26)$133,016,06020%$167,088,00018%Exorcist: The Beginning
201034 (Aug 20 - Aug 26)$144,540,106-4%$184,123,0001%The Expendables
200934 (Aug 21 - Aug 27)$150,750,17132%$181,606,00021%Inglourious Basterds